Plan Purpose

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Plan Purpose

How it work

NDIS plan management

Our Unique Concept

Plan Purpose Makes NDIS Plan Management Easier For You.

It is an effortless process. We work with NDIS participants across Australia.

Submit invoice

Participants or Providers submit their invoices through our email or our Gateway.


We will seek your permission to pay the invoice via our Gateway or email.

Submit Claim

We will claim the invoice from NDIS MyPlace Portal.

Funds Received and Paid

We will pay the invoice if the claim is successful.


We will notify you and your provider that we have paid the invoice.

Make Your Funds The Stepping Stone Towards A Safe & Growth-Oriented Life.

We are a group of professionals committed to ensuring that as an NDIS participant, your funds become the stepping stone towards a  growth-oriented and safe life that you have envisioned for yourself.

You Just Have To Ask!

Whether you decide to use a plan manager or not, it will have no bearing on the amount of funding you get. The NDIS will pay us directly because we are a Plan manager. Simply notify your planner that you want to use Purpose Plan as your plan manager and ask them to include this in your plan.

We’re Here To Listen.

Plan Purpose values your feedback and uses them to improve our customer service. Please let our Plan Purpose team know how we can improve your interaction with us.