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Plan Purpose

About Us

Plan Purpose understands that each individual has different priorities and capacities; therefore, our team is here to support you in navigating your NDIS plan with personalized solutions.

Our Unique Concept

Our Unique Concept

The unique idea behind Plan Purpose is that we care for both the Participant and the Provider. Our principal focus is ensuring your invoices are paid since we recognize that providers are the foundation of the participant’s service requirements.

Take The Headache Away With Proper Planning & Understanding

Our role is to alleviate your stress by doing the required preparation and explaining how your NDIS plan is funded. Plan Purpose is here to assist you and have a dedicated team of accountants who are experts at navigating within and around your NDIS plan.

Why Choose Plan Purpose As Your NDIS Plan Managers In Australia?

Many plan managers are available, but why would you enrol for anything less than the finest NDIS experience and settle for anything less than the best plan manager?

You can contact us anytime and ask for immediate help because we operate throughout Australia via online mode.

Plan Purpose is a team of qualified experts with superior budget management skills, and we will utilize it all to have you covered on the financial front.

We provide holistic assistance as plan managers. We handle everything for you, including invoice payment and budget management and assist you in leading an empowering existence

We expand our services beyond merely NDIS participants to service providers, assisting them with any questions they may have about the NDIS.

Plan Purpose is a group of highly skilled professionals with excellent budget management skills, and we'll use all of that to cover your financial bases.

We ensure that the NDIS service providers you use don't overcharge you by staying under the price cap established by the NDIS.

We will remain by your side the entire way, asking for feedback on how things are going with the NDIS service provider you've chosen and assisting you in switching if necessary.

Let’s Get Started.

Plan Purpose will help you streamline and simplify your NDIS payment experience. Join the family and get a trustworthy, reliable Plan Manager that makes the entire process easy!